a love letter
Shirin Kavin 2023
more infos
Limited Edition Newspaper
12p. 35x50cm

Lucky Socks (Summary PDF)
a personal Diary
Shirin Kavin 2020 – 2021
preview: Video
Artbook/Sketchbook, English
Softcover, 230p. 12x21cm

Selected Works
Shirin Kavin 2020
preview PDF
(Silent Spring)
Catalogue, English
Softcover, 64p. A4

Virginity Purity innocence Youth
Shirin Kavin 2015 – 2016
preview PDF
Text by Tina Teufel
Catalogue, German
Softcover, 48p. 21x28cm

Curated by Thomas Riess
preview PDF
Exhibition catalogue. 77p. A4
2013, Kunstverein Kärnten
ISBN 978-3-200-03055-8

Père & Mère
Curated by Yves Haddad
review / order
Artbook, softcover, 347p., A4
2011, Èditions de La Martinière
ISBN 978-2-7324-4917-3

i saw the sun. she kissed the moon.
Shirin Kavin 2009 – 2013
Artbook, English
Edition Hardcover 32p. 30x30cm
Catalogue, English
catalogue edition, 52p. 21x28cm