deformation and transformation I

part of project VENUS

deformation and transformation is about the elemental force of emotions. The three performers express a certain set of emotions, using red clay (250 kilos in total). The use of red clay refers to ancient Venus figurines, as an archetypal picture of women.
The woman on the right represents anger and aggression but also passion and the will to take action. The voluminous woman stands for an emotion that constantly feeds and fuels itself. The woman in the center represents sorrow and grief but also pensiveness and cleansing attributes are assigned to her dark beauty. The woman on the left represents joy, excitement and euphoria. The dancer with physical limitations, stands for the naive quality of this emotion and its desire to climax.
The three women treat the clay as an extension of the self. As if their emotions have become tangible; they feel its weight, temperature, surface and density. They build it up and simultaneously destroy it in an eternal loop.

deformation and transformation I, 2018/19
3 Channel Installation, HD Video, color, sound, 3.35 Min. (Loop)

Sound: Mieko Suzuki
Cast (in order of appearance): Andrea Schmon, Natalia Fonta, Cornelia Scheuer
Camera/Light: C’QUENCE – Alexandra Braschel, Philipp Kaindl, Stephanie Meisl /Assistants: Phillip Grimm, Lisa Hasenbichler
Concept/Director/Editing: Shirin Kavin


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