that was:
Lucky Socks
a personal diary
May 27th 2020 – May 20th 2021

…after a few days’ break and distance – some quiet nights, tasty meals and my favourite chocolate cake – these pictures seem to me like from another lifetime… it was an interesting experience to constantly turn myself inside out for a year. (…now i find it very pleasant to keep the drawbridge pulled up a bit again…)

it was a year that called for drawing from within, questioning realities and finding a peaceful place in the middle of the storm…
out of this came the idea of keeping a personal but public diary for one year, to share it on social networks and thus creating a sense of connection based on commonalities of the emotional world… the concept was quite simple – a corner in my living room, a chair, a pair of socks and all kinds of impulses i could pick up.

the result is a 12 chapter diary with 100 photos, created in the process, titled: Lucky Socks:
A self-published book is also being planned.

now i am very much looking forward to returning to my quiet little chamber to work on some still lifes 🙂

My new Catalogue:
Selected Works
Shirin Kavin 2020

A4, 64 pages with 40 colour photos

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