Shirin Kavin (- Winiger, *1984) is a self-taught artist. She lived and worked in Vienna and Berlin over the past years and has recently moved back to her hometown Zurich.

Her background is diversified. She worked as a body-piercer, trained oriental dancing and acquired the skills of make-up artistry in theatre, fashion and film. It was her constant fascination for the human being, her interest in anatomical structures and mental states, that lead her to fine art photography. With an exceedingly sensitive and equally uncompromising imagery, the artist constantly devotes herself to examining human existence, including physical, philosophical and spiritual questions.
“It is the soul becoming flesh – and vice versa.”

Shirin herself is a curious soul. An observer that enjoys the peace that comes through silence. Driven by the search for the raw aesthetics of nature – like the beauty of a newborn baby, right after birth, before the first wash – which she finds deeply touching.

Shirin Kavin is constantly evolving in her art and remains hungry to learn new skills. Recently she began working with video as well as on sculptural objects and cross-media installations; while during the pandemic spring 20, she has started a very personal public diary, as a link between her encoded art and herself, titled Lucky Socks.

She is also a loving mother of two sons.