Shirin Kavin (- Winiger, born 1984 into a Swiss-Iranian family) is a self-taught artist based in Zurich.

Her background is diversified. She came from dance to body piercer at a young age and later via make-up artistry to photography. It was her constant fascination for the human being, her interest in anatomical and psychological structures that drove her; in search for the raw aesthetics of nature – like the beauty of a newborn baby, right after birth, before the first wash – which she finds deeply touching.

“It is the soul becoming flesh – and vice versa.”

With an exceedingly sensitive and equally uncompromising imagery, the artist constantly devotes herself to examining human existence while experimenting with photography, sculptural objects, video, painting and installations.

She is also a loving mother of two sons.

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a love letter
Shirin Kavin 2023
more infos
Limited Edition Newspaper
12p. 35x50cm

Lucky Socks (Summary PDF)
a personal Diary
Shirin Kavin 2020 – 2021
preview: Video
Artbook/Sketchbook, English
Softcover, 230p. 12x21cm

Selected Works
Shirin Kavin 2020
preview PDF
(Silent Spring)
Catalogue, English
Softcover, 64p. A4

Virginity Purity innocence Youth
Shirin Kavin 2015 – 2016
preview PDF
Text by Tina Teufel
Catalogue, German
Softcover, 48p. 21x28cm

Curated by Thomas Riess
preview PDF
Exhibition catalogue. 77p. A4
2013, Kunstverein Kärnten
ISBN 978-3-200-03055-8

Père & Mère
Curated by Yves Haddad
review / order
Artbook, softcover, 347p., A4
2011, Èditions de La Martinière
ISBN 978-2-7324-4917-3

i saw the sun. she kissed the moon.
Shirin Kavin 2009 – 2013
Artbook, English
Edition Hardcover 32p. 30x30cm
Catalogue, English
catalogue edition, 52p. 21x28cm


Selected Exhibitions

PhotoSchweiz, Showcase (wildcard), Halle 550, Zürich (CH) / about
Räume der Gegenwart, Videoscreening, Kinopavillon, Künstlerhaus Salzburg (A) / about
Schmiedepolis – Cubes, Group Exhibition, Kunstraum Pro Arte, Hallein (A)
Virginity Purity Innocence Youth, Solo Exhibition, Herr Leutner, Vienna (A) photos/info
PhotoVienna, Showcase, Museum für angewandte Kunst (MAK), Vienna (A)
Kunstschaffen Walk of Art, Beamboard Naschmarkt/Längenfeldg., Vienna (A) view pic
Art Walk im MQ, Group Exhibition, Museumsquartier Ovalhalle, Vienna (A) about
Ready, Media Art Culture Festival, Group Exhibition, Schmiede, Hallein (A) about
ltd Exposition, Group Exhibition, Galerie Kiosk Tabak, Zürich (CH) / about

Humans, Group Exhibition, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt (A) / photos and press
Humans, Group Exhibition, Galerie Prisma, Bozen (I) / photos and press
Kunstbar, Group Exhibition, Galerie Kiosk Tabak, Zürich (CH)
Re-turn, Media Art Culture Festival, Group Exhibition, Schmiede, Hallein (A)

Duprass, Group Exhibition, Kunstraum Pro Arte, Hallein (A) / about
Panama Plus, Group Exhibition, Festival, Ampere Muffatwerk, München (DE)
Discontent, Media Art Culture Festival, Group Exhibition, Schmiede, Hallein (A)


Magazines featuring my work

2018 Shots Magazine, No 139, Spring Issue, Print Photomagazine, Saint Paul (MN) / about
2017 A5 Magazine, Issue 9, Print Artzine, London (UK) / about
2017 WOTISART? Magazine, Issue 9, Print Artzine, London (UK) / about
2017 Average Art Magazine, Issue 16, Print Artzine, London (UK) / about
2017 Inland, Issue 2/Neither, Print Artzine, London (UK) / about
2016 Forge. Art Magazine, Issue 12/Patience p.47-50, Online Artmagazine, New York (NY) / read online
2016 Art Reveal Magazine, Issue 18 p.64-69, Online a. Print Artmagazine, London (UK) ISBN 9781367386563 / read online
2011 Le Pater et La Mater, Libération Le Mag, Online a. Print Newspaper -Cover, Paris (FR) / view cover
2010 Doze Mag, Issue 3/Junkland p.24-31, Online Artmagazine, Madrid (E) / read online
2009 Der Greif, Poster Edition, Print Photomagazine, Augsburg (DE) / about
2008 Caldo de Cultivo, Me, Myself and i 2.0, Print Artmagazine, Bogotá (COL) / view cover

An experimental online platform

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