(work in progress)

Silence definition: Any absence of sound, communication or hearing. Silence is also used as total communication, in reference to nonverbal communication.

Our thoughts are almost continuously restless. This is the nature of the thinking mind. It is seeking, restlessly, for relief from its self-created tensions, for the peace of the heart. Silence, within its unlimited reality, keeps an animated world of expressions and there are various types of silence. The silence that frightens, the silence that enters our experience, the silence that hides in the world, the silence concealed within one’s body, the silence that can be cultivated, desired or listened to – in philosophical terms – Silence as a state of being.

Silence, 2018 – 2021
HD Video, color, no sound, 10 Min. (Loop)

Cast: Maartje Pasman (as the woman in the blues dress), Eszter Hollósi and Bernhardt Jammernegg (as the androgynous figure)
Camera: Krisztina Kerekes / Light: Marianne Borowiec and Krisztina Kerekes
Concept/Director/Editing: Shirin Kavin

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