Collaborative 8oinks

In 2009 i started the website – an online platform for artists to meet, share, collaborate and exhibit.

Every couple of weeks, i made a mashup-picture (collage), using one bit of an image from each project, that was exhibited or discussed during the past weeks. The concept was, to make new art out of the inspiring sources – directly. (free to download in high resolution, with creative commons). The Mashups were also uploaded to flickr, with “notes” in the image (a feature that at the time was available) – which contained a link to each artist featured in the collage.

The Mashups have been reblogged numerous times and we’ve had plenty of fun, with our collaborative and experimental projects. After one year of hosting the lively website, i decided to call it a day.

some Mashups:

…oink around 😉

The following  videos were created in collaboration with An opensource music community. The music and the videos were made in the same mash-up spirit (all links to video-sources are listed under each video)