Silent Conversation (ongoing cross-media project)

Silence definition: Any absence of sound, communication or hearing. Silence is also used as total communication, in reference to nonverbal communication.

Conversations between body, mind and soul.

silent letter (I)
photograph 2020,  sizes on request
hair on fabric

silent letter (II)
photograph 2020,  sizes on request
snails on hourglass on fabric

silent letter (III)
photograph 2020,  sizes on request
sand and silk

Two Vessels
object 2020, 28 cm x 13 cm
two glass tubes. 1: hair of two people, feathers, dried dandelion, amber, wasp, plastic pellets, gold with turquoise-lid, hung on golden chain / 2: crystals, broken piece of prism, tooth with a hole, dried daisy, cotton string / Base: wood and metal, hole in base filled with salt.

Silent Spring
photographs 2020, each 38 x 57 cm
buttercup, dandelion, forget me not

silent imprint
photograph 2016,  53 x 80 cm
paper coloured with pigment, imprints from liver

object 2014 – 2020, 20 cm x 10 cm
milk teeth, wooden hand, crystals and dried thistle

photographs 2020, triptych each 23 x 35 cm
passion fruit and copper ball, pomegranate, snail shell and milk

silent past
photograph 2016, 33 x 50 cm
bone hung on strings coloured with pigment

Ladder (homage to Robert Fludd ‘s ladder of perfection)
object 2020, 250 x 70 cm
two branches, soil, blue fabric

2020 Selected Works, Shirin Kavin, 64pages, A4, English / preview PDF

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