2017 – 2018

Text by Tina Teufel
Deutsch // English

Following the paths of “Venus”, the goddess and embodiment of womanhood – and her role in the cycle of life.

mortis et vita”

referencing: the austrian Venus of Willendorf (c. 27.500 B.C.), the two-headed Venus from the Grimaldi Collection (c. 20.000 B.C.), the greek marble sculpture Venus of Milo (End of 2nd Century B.C.) and the foam-born Venus in Sandro Boticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus (c.1485/86).

each 83 x 125 cm, fine art pigment prints on aluminum composite plates, 3 copies +AP

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2020 Selected Works, Shirin Kavin, 64pages, A4, English / preview PDF

Also take a look at the VENUS Videoinstallation: deformation and transformation I